With the success and popularity gained from the CSC Fixes Series, a mini refix/remix cd series, 876radio.com and Coolshade Entertainment’s Coolshade Chris has decided to venture into the arena of creating full mix cds. The talented disk jock/remixer as entitled his latest project as “CSC Induction” which he says will be his formal way of introducing himself and his group “Coolshade Entertainment” to the world.

The cd he said, “will consist of a dancehall segment, a hip hop/rap segment, a brief retro segment and the cherry of the cd a refix/remix segment.” When asked how he started remixing, the dj replied, “well about a year ago I was introduced to the program ACID Pro. I did censoring of music, that’s when a good friend Dj Crooks suggested I started to remix, which I did and then later started refixing”.

The link below is a copy of a past 7 min project the dj did. Can be downloaded via blackberry and other smartphones.


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