Common Disses Drake in his Single, “Sweet”

Drake has taken offense to a song that appears on Common’s new album The Dreamer/The Believer. On the track “Sweet” Common addresses rappers who sing too much on their records.


“Some hoes ass niggas, Singing all around me man. La la la, you aint muthaf*cking Frank Sinatra, Uh, lil b*tch, yeah, this the raw right here. Yeah this the raw right here n*gga. Sweet muthafuckas, sweet ass b*tch muthaf*cka.”


Drake heard the track and wasn’t too happy about it. He told the crowd at Power 106FM’s Cali Christmas that just because he sings doesn’t make him soft.


“I will never stop doing this for ya’ll. I don’t give a f*ck if you have something to say to me. Say it to my muthaf*ckin’ face. Just cause I sing don’t make me no b*tch.”


During Common’s appearance on 106 & Park yesterday (December 19) he spoke about the song and said if the shoe fits, wear it.


I’ll say this, it’s a lot of artists out there that sing. And I don’t think there’s anything the matter with singing, but I just feel like I wanted to stand up for hip hop to a certain extent and hear cats rhyming and hear some hip hop elements,” Common told Rocsi and Terrence J. “So what I really was addressing was all those cats that are out there singing and if certain people feel offended by it then they fit in that category. But I always want them to know that it’s just hip hop. And in hip hop you challenge people. What I said in Sweet, [Drake] must have felt like he was one of the people being addressed. So he decided to say what he had to say. I say we can keep it on a hip hop level. I think he’s a talented artist. But I’m saying if you wanna get in the ring, we just gotta get in the ring. And I’m talking about on the mic.


In a new interview with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning Common finally admits he was calling Drake out on the song “Sweet.



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