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Committed, the winners of NBC’s Sing-Off competition will deliver its first major international performance at the Jazz and Blues Festival later this month. The six-man acapella group from Huntsville, Alabama, harmonized its way to victory and stardom with Michael Jackson’s “Hold My Hand” on the season’s final show on December 20th.


During the season, Committed, performed hits such as Maroon 5’s “This Love” and The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and an Usher medley. The group’s success upon completion was rewarded with a Sony Music Record contract.

Committed is of a Seventh Day Adventist background and prior to the competition only performed gospel songs.

Walter Elmore of Turnkey Productions, the producers of the festival, said that he was elated to have the group on the line up and said it made him reminiscent of Mary Mary’s inclusion a few years back.

“Jamaicans love all types of music. Committed will add something different and a more inspirational tone to the event. I’m certain the festival’s fans will welcome them with open arms,” Mr. Elmore said.
The group has an album in the making which is aimed to be released this Spring.

When asked the nature of the upcoming album in a recent interview, Committed front man Theron, told reporters, “It doesn’t necessarily have to be gospel, but more on the positive side. We believe that’s what the world needs now. We don’t want to go too far into the secular sex and drinking and that kind of thing.”

The group will perform on Saturday, January 29 on the final night in the highly anticipated Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

Jazz and Blues - Maroon 5

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