Club Privilege rings in 2011 with a bang

When THE STAR arrived at the venue in the early hours of Saturday morning, we were greeted with a huge crowd at the doors of the club as patrons were eager to get inside.

Party Patrons

Once inside, there was no mistake as to their intentions.

They simply wanted to party, party, and party some more.

Upon going up the steps, most patrons made stops to check out the price for drinks at the bar, then headed to the general area to find a territory to mark as their own.

The deejays provided a good vibe for them as songs such as Black and Yellow, Runaway, Like I See It, Speak No Americano and Shorty Like A Melody blared from the speakers, and dancing was the only thing on the minds of many as they moved to the beat.

Dancehall Hits

With a packed club, the deejays sought a few forwards as they played dancehall hits, Nuh Fren Fish, Touch Di Road, Nah Let Go, Street Vybz, Up Inna Di Club and Mr Officer.

Even with not much space to move around patrons were doing the ‘Gallis Swing’ and ‘Nuh Behaviour’ to the popular songs.

At minutes after five o clock, when the signal for the end of the party was given by the disc jocks, patrons trickled through the doors of the club with a look of satisfaction on their faces – they had spent the night well.

Source: jamaica-star

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