Clashing for Sting

As the time winds down to December 26 for Sting, dubbed ‘the greatest one night show on earth’, the intensity is increasing with artistes creating a buzz around their performance.

The feuds and diss songs from local dancehall artistes are increasing weekly, but many wonder if they are geared at creating a ‘pre-Sting’ hype.

In April, Monster Empire took swipes at Bounty Killer in a song called Nuh Bad Man Fi We.

In September, Queen Paula sounded her war cry at fellow deejay Spice, whom she said hurled the first set of insults.

Then, there is Einstein, who is still fuming at Vybz Kartel for an incident which occurred last year.

Merciless, who recently returned to Jamaica and the dancehall scene, has also hit out at deejays Cobra and Bounty Killer who he says have fallen off.

And, what seems to be the ‘mother’ of the feuds is the one involving Vybz Kartel and the Bounty Killer-led Alliance, which includes Mavado, with whom Kartel has been involved in an ongoing lyrical battle.

But with all the intensity, are artistes trying to create a buzz for an all-out war at the popular clash show ‘Sting’?

Being sharp

Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, said it is a possibility.

“Maybe, ’cause everybody wants to be sharp. Nobody wants to be booed at Sting. Sting is the master of exams. Once you get a big forward at Sting, you are going into big money the following year,” he said. “At this time, every artiste is trying to put his best foot forward to be at Sting. Sting is no ordinary show.”

However, he was unwilling to say anything further about a potentail clash at Sting.

“Just wait and see (if anyone will clash). We are not ruling that out,” Laing told The STAR.

“This is the 25th anniversary, so we have to come different, bigger and better. We plan to give the people a show they have been asking for over the years.”

Already, Vybz Kartel seems to have clash plans for Sting.

“Dem (Alliance) have dem own network weh dem a plan. Regardless a weh dem and dem fren a plan or weh dem and (Isiah) Laing a plan, mi come fi end a plan,” said Vybz Kartel in an interview on Television Jamaica’s Entertainment Report last Friday.

On the previous show Mavado also said his bit about his feud with Vybz Kartel. He, too, is preparing for Sting but a clash is not guaranteed.

Though not confirmed for the show, Queen Paula said she is ready for any clash, whether with her lyrical nemesis Spice or anyone else.

“Dem nuh contract mi fi Sting yet, but once the contract and the papers right, mi ready like Freddie,” said Queen Paula who recently recorded a Seanizzle-produced song called Dem A Run.

As for other artistes, she believes there will be some form of on-stage clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado.

“Dem a do it (feud) right through the year ’cause it’s a money-making thing, not just leading up to Sting anymore,” she said.

While not disclosing whether he is on the line up or if he will be clashing, Ninja Man said, “I nuh know wah ’cause dem fi do weh dem a do. Dis might be a time fi a man prove who is the badder man.”

“Mi neva plan fi clash anybody. Dem just seh dem have somebody fi mi clash and mi just kill dem and done,” said Ninja Man who has clashed with many artistes over the years at Sting, including Super Cat, Shabba, Cobra, Professor Nuts and Vybz Kartel.

Additional information about Sting will be disclosed at a press conference, which will be held on November 25.

Source: JamaicaStar


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