Chris Brown Apologizes For Rihanna Assault

Chris Brown has publicly apologized for the domestic altercation between him and then-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year in Los Angeles.

The singer released a two-minute video on his official website, where he apologized to fans and his RiRi, saying he is saddened and ashamed of his conduct.

“I’ve told Rihanna countless times and I’m telling you today, I’m truly, truly sorry that I wasn’t able to handle the situation both differently and better,” Brown said, as he stared directly into the camera.

At the beginning of the clip, Brown explains that his attorneys advised him to not speak about the situation until it was settled legally, but the singer said he’s wanted to speak about the incident ever since it took place in February.

Brown expressed his “deepest regret” over the fight and said he “accepts full responsibility.”

He was arrested during the early morning hours of February 9th, while both he and Rihanna were in Los Angeles for the Grammys. He was charged with assault likely to cause great bodily harm.

Just last month, Brown pleaded guilty to the assault charge as a part of a plea deal which is expected to keep him out of jail. He faces sentencing on August 5.

He will be handed down five years of probation and perform six months of community labor.

Source: Ballerstatus

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  1. i thought he was about to loose it after he mentioned Rihanna's name i was like oh ohhohhh ooohhhh . lol

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