Chino's "From Mawning" Takes Top Spot In Japan

Kingston, Jamaica (December 17, 2010) – Reggae and Dancehall artiste Chino McGregor’s phenomenal success in the Japan market cannot be underscored. In what has been deemed a fledgling music industry, Chino’s From Mawning (Never Change) was and continues to be the number one purchased and downloaded track/ringtone on Japan’s most established ringtone site, Reggae Zion.

From Mawning which was released on Chino’s sophomore Japan album, Never Change, in the summer of this year, outranked all Japanese artistes’ tracks and went on to become the site’s best-seller of the year – a rarity in the region. The site is now in discussions with Chino to make their theme song for the upcoming year. In previous years, only Japanese artistes have had this courtesy extended to them.

Chino, known for his tracks, Protected, Ruff It Up, Pon Yuh Head, Must Come Back and others said, “I can’t say anything more than bless up to the Almighty, the fans, friends and even the nay-sayers. Myself and those at Big Ship are always in the studio exploring and trying to put out quality music for the fans, not only in Jamaica but for the other markets. So I’m very happy that they’ve been not only accepting but also supportive of quality reggae music. Thanks again to the fans, industry persons, media and everyone.”

The hit, From Mawning and a number of outstanding tracks featured on the album were produced by ace-producer, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor. Upon its debut, Never Change, was introduced at the number 7 spot and later that day shot to the second spot on the iTunes Reggae chart.

In addition, Chino has re-released the reggae single, Handwritings featuring Dennis Brown, originally featured on his debut album, Unstoppable. The track and other previously unreleased singles will be featured on Chino’s upcoming US album scheduled for release in March 2011. The album will be distributed by VP Records.

Source: Blueprint PR and Promotions JA

Chino - US Album Coming March 2011

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