Kingston, Jamaica:- Love is in the air for Chino McGregor, but not in the way many may expect. The artiste will be releasing a slew of new singles in a few weeks, some of which will be ballads.

He says there has not been a permanent shift in his lyrics or style, instead, “I like exploring new genres, beats and topics and some of the songs that will be released shortly will be more singing than sing-jaying. There’s even a combination with myself and Di Genius singing called So Do I for the ladies – that will be hitting the airwaves in a few days.”

“…There’s also the single, Desert Rose, which is out now with myself and an artiste out of Cayman by the name of Jeffery Wilson and the video will be released in a few days, so everyone can definitely look out for those and other singles coming in a few weeks,” he says.

Chino is no stranger to style exploration. In May of this year Chino showcased his expansive knowledge of music when he released his debut US album, Chino, to rave reviews. The first two releases from the album, I Am (an upbeat club track with a French twist) and Seal Di Link, (a slow provocative reggae ballad) were complete departures from Chino’s prior-style. Seal Di Link went on to top charts in the US and sold in excess of 150, 000 on iTunes during the first week of its release. Likewise, one of his most recent love ballads, Driving Me Insane featuring singer, Denyque, which was also featured on the album has been a hit among fans.

“Music is definitely one of the loves of my life, and as a result of that I’m always going to be focused on it and exploring new areas and genres in an effort to please the fans,” he says.

Chino is also popularly known for his hits From Mawnin, Ruff It Up, Protected, Pon Yuh Head, Yeah Yeah (on the Peppa Riddim) and others.

Click here to listen to “Desert Rose”

Click here to watch the “Driving Me Insane” video

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