Chi Ching To Pop Debut Album

The ‘bling king’, dancer-turned-artiste Chi Ching Ching, is on the heels of releasing his debut album.

Titled Ghetto Classic Chi Ching Ching will be releasing his first album independently early next year.

Born Radion Beckford, Ching made it big on the scene this year with his hard-to-miss, long lanky form dancing and blinging each and every night at the hottest dances.

Ching started dancing professionally in 2000 and turned to music last year. With his catchy rhymes and slangs such as ‘Eveeeryday’ Ching soon made it unto the airwaves with Popcorn, featuring Bling Dawg.

Slightly annoying

While some might find the repetition of ‘pop pop pop’ in Popcorn slightly annoying, others can’t seem to help clapping along to the beat. Chi Ching Ching told THE STAR that Popcorn was his first major buss in the business. More recently, Ching became the new face of Magnum’s latest Cash-Een-Again competition.

His album Ghetto Classic will feature songs such as Popcorn, and his collaborations with the likes of Beenie Man and Tony Matterhorn.

Ghetto Classic will also feature singles such as Oh It’s A Surprise as well as his current single, Ching Ching now getting rotation.

Thus far, the artiste/dancer has worked with producers such as Don Corleon, Jam 2 and Big Leak, among others. According to Ching, listeners can expect only the best from his debut album, “it’s gonna be new slangs, new songs … it’s gonna be a wonderful work of art. Di term ‘Ghetto Classic’ means from nuting to something, like me,” he said.


While becoming an artiste wasn’t always in the game plan for the rising star, he says that the encouragement that he has received from the fans is what urged him to release an album. “Mi have songs out and people like dem, so mi waan put my slangs together and do more songs an mek an album,” he said.

As Chi Ching Ching’s career kicks off, the burgeoning artiste says he has no plans to quit dancing. For Ching, dancing is his life, and while he wants more than just going to dances each night, he doesn’t believe his love for dancing will ever expire.

“Mi is a yute weh even if mi buss mi still a go inna di dance and wid di people a dance, mi bless wid a different talent an mi is a yute weh believe in myself,” Chi Ching Ching said.

For the future, the dancer/artiste sees himself helping out the yutes and his family after becoming an even bigger success.

Source: JamaicaStar

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