Chezidek’s Stand Still Is A Hit On The Horizon

Jamaican reggae singer Chezidek has released a new single titled Stand Still. The track is the follow up single to his most recent hit Secret Enemy. The song is a poignant tale about the daily struggles of ordinary people. But despite the struggles and the hardships being faced, persons are encouraged to be strong and try to elevate themselves out of their situations.

Stand Still is currently enjoying solid rotation on most radio stations across Jamaica and in parts of Europe.

In a release to the media Chezidek outlined his reasons for tackling the issue of hardships that people face. “The daily struggle of people all around the world has been ignored by the respective leaders and it is about time that something is done about situations like this. In a nutshell the song is really saying that for poor people nothing happens. Everything is at a standstill for them. But at the same time they should stay strong despite the difficulties that they are experiencing because one day things will eventually get better,” said Chezidek.

Chezidek hits the right notes as he highlights the fact that persons from the lower income bracket, have to be skillful and engage in various activities in order to survive.

Chezidek came to the forefront of the reggae scene a few years ago with hits including Leave the Trees, Call Pon Dem, Inna Di Road, Sun and Rain and Herb Campaign.

Chezidek recently acquired new management and is being represented by Sensitive Promotion.

The singer is presently on a European tour. A video for Stand Still is expected to be released shortly.


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