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The Chekkazz Entertainment Group has not allowed the opportunity received from the Digicel JUSS BUSS promotion to go to waste and is about to in a matter of weeks to release two new singles that are expected to create just as much hype as their PUNK ROCK (Summin New) song used by the corporate giants Digicel in their recent JUSS BUSS PROMOTION.

Advance Chekkazz

Advance Chekkazz the creator of the popular song over the summer is being silent when it comes to his next hit single that is currently being worked on in the studio working with lee miller and jay jay,however, there are talks of a promotional album in the works. The song supposedly has a Christmas/dancing melody to the mix and is very catchy and easy to move to.

The Chekkazz Entertainment Group continues to build on their popularity as producers, entertainers, dancers,promoters and models.

FOR BOOKINGS OF THE CHEKKAZZ ENTERTAINMENT GROUP CALL: 1(876)295-4902 / 1(876)431-8346 or email

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