Chedda's life threatened?

Upcoming dancehall artiste Chedda claims that he is in fear for his life after receiving death threats.

The latest threat, he said, were received yesterday over the telephone as well as BlackBerry messages sent to his mobile.

Chedda, known for songs such as Fake Jeans Admit It, said the threats are coming as a result of an incident that occurred recently between T’Jean Bennett, a producer at UIM Records, and the deejay. As a result of the incident, Chedda said he had to seek medical attention at the Andrews Hospital, St Andrew.

According to the deejay, whose real name is Tyrello Johnson, ‘bad blood’ has been brewing between the two entities ever since he decided to distance himself from the group because of what he describes as a high level of unprofesssionalism. He said he thinks it is important that he informs the public and his fans as to what is happening.


“Dem a mek threat a call mi phone a seh a di wrong man mi attack and mi ago dead, mi ago get gunshot,” Chedda told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday. “Wi deh pon di road a promote di new song Bad Inna Gang. Mi a walk down one corridor wid a lady when mi see him and him look up and see me too. When him a pass mi im push di lady out a di way an thump mi inna di side a mi head. Wi deh deh a tussle fi a while until my manager see wah a gwaan an come a try get him offa me.” He continued, “When him finally get him off, him draw one long knife and start run mi dung. Mi anuh steel man or nutten suh same time mi run off. Mi see one fire extinguisher pon di wall an a try tek it off fi defend miself and im cut offa mi and buss up di whole a mi finga. Im cut offa mi agen and mi affi kick im off mi fi get weh.”


When contacted, Bennett said there was no truth to any of the accusations. “Mi nuh send no threat to Chedda no time. Mi and Andrew do everything fi Chedda. Mi nuh have no reason fi waan follow up Chedda.”

He gave his account of the fight saying, “Mi see Chedda a walk down the hallway and when him see mi him middle the hallway so mi woulda haffi nudge him when mi a pass. Suh when dat happen now, same time mi grab him and a likkle tussle start. Him fren dem did deh round di corner and dem run come. Dem neva did a try part di fight, dem a tump afta me, but end up all a tump up Chedda too. Mi have mi knife pon mi an neva draw it, a when dem bring mi inna one room and pop off mi chain an fling it pon mi, mi back mi knife an dem run, him a try tek off the extinguisher an cut him hand an tell everybody seh mi stab him an cut him.”

Bennett, known for his production work on the single, Fresh To Death, said that a meeting is being set up between himself, Chedda and Chedda’s manager to quell the differences between the two.

The threats and attack Chedda said were reported to the Half-Way Tree and Cross Roads police stations, respectively.

Source: JamaicaStar


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