Chedda distances himself from Aidonia, J.O.P

Upcoming dancehall artiste Chedda says that he is not a part of J.O.P. This comes weeks after the group was alleged to have been involved in the assault of his fellow Darkcide affiliate, ZJ Wah Wa.

According to the young artiste, he was never a part of J.O.P to begin with.

“I am not and was never a member of J.O.P, Darkcide and J.O.P worked side by side but it’s not the same entity,” he said.

According to Chedda, even though both Darkcide and J.O.P have parted ways he does not intend to be involved in a broil.

“Both J.O.P and Darkcide are my friends, but I’m more affiliated with Darkcide and I won’t get involved in any negativity,” he said.

The conscious young artiste says that conflicts in dancehall are destructive.

“The enemy thing nuh work good in the music, it nuh mek sense. When yuh divide yuh limit yuh reach and it look bad pon wi, a whol’ dung ting dat fi reggae music,” he said.

The artiste says that he has no personal grouse with Aidonia, but admits that since the friction he has distanced himself.

“If I see Aidonia and wi hail each other, that’s where it ends, since the incident I haven’t made any contact with any of them,” he said.

Chedda is currently busy recording new songs, and promoting his new single Shell The Bar featuring Fambo. He says a video will also be shot soon.


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