Charlie Sheen Is Reportedly HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen is reportedly set to reveal his HIV status on Tuesday’s Today show, according to TMZ. Sources tell reporters that Sheen is expected to reveal that he’s HIV positive during a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer. In a press release announcing the interview, NBC touted Sheen’s appearance as containing a “revealing personal announcement.”

Sheen has neither confirmed or denied these claims, though he’s clearly set to make some sort of announcement on Tuesday. TMZ’s report comes just hours after tabloids (including the National Enquirer) started circulating a story with claims that Sheen has been keeping the diagnosis “secret for years.” According to their predictably unnamed sources, Sheen has already started treatment. In addition to TMZ’s reports, two other sources confirmed to E! News that Sheen would indeed be announcing that he’s HIV positive during the interview with Lauer.

Though Charlie Sheen experienced a remarkable surge in popularity surrounding his role on the now-defunct CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, the return to the spotlight came with its fair share of controversies centered exclusively on Sheen. The actor was eventually terminated from the series due to a lengthy and often public fallout with CBS and his Half Men co-stars. Ashton Kutcher was enlisted as Sheen’s proverbial replacement, eventually even inheriting Sheen’s status as the highest-paid actor on television.

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