Charlamagne: I’m Genuinely Confused About Transgender Lifestyle

Charlamagne Tha God addressed comments Waka Flocka made about Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender decision being “evil,” and The Breakfast Club host said he’s “all for somebody speaking their mind.” Charlamagne added that he’s also genuinely confused about the transgender lifestyle, and he added that it doesn’t make him transphobic if he asks transgenders questions about their lifestyle.

The “Charlamagne and Friends” star continued on with the conversation by addressing a statement about people supporting transgenders, but not wanting their own children to take that path. Charlamagne then compared the situation to some Asian people not wanting their children to marry outside of their race to “keep their bloodline pure,” a statement that will surely be debated.

Charlamagne then closed out the segment by saying, “I can’t judge nobody for what they do, and the transgenders aren’t hurting nobody. If they’re hurting anyone, they’re hurting themselves, because they have to deal with all the drama.”

Check out more of what he had to say in the above clip.


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