Charlamagne: Drake’s “Back To Back” Is a Top 5 Diss Track

-If you ask Charlamagne Tha God, Drake’s “Back To Back” diss track was such a “well-calculated move,” it may have landed him a spot on the list of Top 5 diss tracks of all time. “‘Back to Back’ is a tough diss record, I don’t give a f*** what nobody says,” he tells us during our latest exclusive.

Aside from the fact Drake mentioned Charlamagne on the track and gifted him with bottles of Dom Perignon, the radio personality says he was impressed by the Drake’s execution during him and Meek Mill’s beef. Charlamagne also states that “Meek’s opportunity” to ether Drake was when he was in the the Canadian’s hometown. “If Meek was gon’ do anything, he should of did it that night he was in Toronto,” he reasons as he continues to praise Drake for his “48 Laws of Power” tactics.

Watch as Charlamagne and DJ Vlad discuss the top diss tracks of all time and let us know who holds the top spot in your eyes below.

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