Charlamagne: “Beyonce’s Not Black or White, She’s Beyonce”

Television personality Charlamagne Tha God knew the outcome of the Super Bowl as soon as they announced which teams had made it. In this exclusive he states “defense always wins championships,” but in the end he believes the Broncos took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy due to “Peyton Manning’s white privilege.” “There is no way in hell that they was [going to] let good ‘ol boy Peyton Manning – whose been a legend in the league, the face of the league all these years – get into that circumstance and not walk away a champion.”

With that Charlamagne also believes it’s a strategy against Panthers overall this year, seeing that The Black Panther Party mark their 50th anniversary in October. “They not letting no Panthers win no sh**t this year,” he voiced. “Y’all really thought that they was gonna give us Beyonce performing ‘Formation’ – which is a Black power song -, Cam Newton Black a** winning the Super Bowl, and a Nat Turner movie in the same year? Y’all out y’all g-d**n minds.”

Press play to hear Charlamagne’s opinion on Cam Newton walking out of the SB 50 press conference, Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and his message to Bill Romanowski.

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