Charlamagne: 50 Cent’s Petty Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date

Queens resident bully 50 Cent has no chill, and though most are aware that he will go to depths to troll his enemies, it doesn’t stop some rappers and industry insiders from coming at the Southside, Jamaica legend. “50’s petty doesn’t have an expiration date,” Charlamagne explains during his latest VladTV interview.

In recent news 50 Cent attacked Ebro Darden, but as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, his current beefs usually never halt those he had in the past. From Charlamagne’s point of view, “it was ridiculous of Meek to go attack 50,” but “‘It might be a year from now and 50 might just decide ‘You know what? I’m gonna f**k with Meek Mill today.'”

Watch as DJ Vlad and Charlamagne get into yet another interesting hip-hop debate during our latest exclusive.

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