Cham, Bounty Killer return 'Stronger'

Deejay Cham and producer Dave Kelly are back in Jamaica doing music and after a week, their impact is already being felt. The two have reconciled their differences with deejay Bounty Killer and have a song that is already making waves in the dancehall.

The Dave Kelly-produced Stronger with Cham, Bounty Killer and Mykal Rose, has been getting heavy rotation in the streets and on radio since its release last week.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, Cham explained that he and Dave Kelly have been in the island since last week, promoting the new single in the streets. He said, “the idea is to do a couple more songs wid Rodney (Bounty). We recorded the next song last night (Wednesday) entitled The Message. The idea is to send a message to the fans and the world at large out there telling them to listen out to more good music, music on this level where basically the team is back and making music together.”

After recording songs such as Another Level and other tracks, Bounty, Cham and Dave Kelly parted ways 11 years ago after a dispute.

reasoned for hours

As to how the trio mended their torn relationship Cham said, “is just one of them tings where time basically heals itself and the link basically made. We sat and reasoned for hours. We know that we have to put whatever went on then behind us and move forward and just mek good music. And no matter what, Rodney is a good friend of mine for a long time and you don’t just have good friends and walk away from it. Even if is 11 years we haven’t spoken, me know deep down in my heart mi love him just the same.”

According to Cham, in terms of his personality, Bounty is still the same ‘Killer’ who loves to give jokes. However, he admits that he has seen him become more mature in terms of his growth and reasoning and says Bounty is ready to move forward and make good music.

For Cham, who lives in the United States now, being back in Jamaica has been a good experience and he plans to have a lot more singles, like the upcoming Bombshell, to be released soon. He says that he and Dave Kelly are ‘planted’ in Jamaica at the moment working on new music – singles and rhythms.

In the meantime, the veteran deejay is busy working on his upcoming yet-to-be-titled album that should be tentatively released on Capital Records. The album Cham says, has been a work in progress for the last eight months and has a ‘different’ vibe from his previous works.

miss the 80s vibes

As for current dancehall music Cham expressed, “dancehall on a whole not creating enough buzz as it should be, people can justify that with sales of records
out there. There are fans out there who miss the 90s vibes and it shouldn’t be like dat cause you don’t hear the fans saying they miss the 80s vibes cause the 90s stepped up on what was there and dats how it should be going.”

He continued, “Hopefully by making good music, Dave being back here working, will raise the bar, lift the standard of the dancehall. Not like we knocking anyone cause you have ten different brothers, ten different minds but you can’t be satisfied with what’s going on.”

While in Jamaica, Cham says he’s up to working with different producers as long as the vibe is right and fans can look for him on various stages and for his new music.

Source: JamaicaStar


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