Cease and Desist Order for Sanjay’s New Single ‘Harder They Fall’

Kingston, Jamaica: Sanjay’s new single “Harder They Fall” that is an apt remix/remake of the legendary 1972 mega hit “The Harder They Com” by Jimmy Cliff. ‘The Harder They Come’ is the title track for the soundtrack album to the iconic film of the same name, released in 1972 on Island Records in the United Kingdom. It was then released February 1973 in the United States on the Mango Records subsidiary and peaked at #140 on the Billboard 200.

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On August 22, 2011 Sanjay was served with a Letter of Demand (Cease and Desist Order) from Lawyers representing Dr. Jimmy Cliff. The letter from law firm Samuda & Johnson stated “… we have been advised that you have, without his permission consent or authority, used his music, “The Harder They Come” and his image in the production and exploitation of your new single called “The Harder They Fall” which is a remix of our client’s work.” It further goes on to say “We hereby demand that you immediately desist and that you remove from all means of advertising and promotion, including but not limited to the internet and YouTube, our client’s music and image. We further demand that you recall all representations and works of the single and provide us with an audit of any sales which have been effected since its release.”

Sanjay states, “I was kind of taken aback at this drastic action from Dr. Cliff because I tried to get in touch with him prior to the release of the single and even went as far as to drop off a copy of the single at his office to his assistant making them fully aware of my intentions regarding the new single.” Sanjay went on to say, “The single was done as an admirer of Dr. Jimmy Cliff and as a tribute to him and the greatness of the 1972 smash hit. My intention is not and was not to tarnish or infringe upon any of Dr. Cliff’s rights as an artist and intellectual property owner. The single was also released strictly for promotional purposes and not for sale, so there were no financial benefits for me”.

Sanjay is hopeful that the issues between Dr. Cliff and himself will be sorted out in the shortest possible time as he meant absolutely no harm in remaking the single. He also is hopeful that after the dust has settled Dr. Cliff and he could do a possible collaboration together.

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