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Kingston, Jamaica: – As 2011 rolls to an end, PayDay Music Group continues to trod forward. Starting the year with a an incredible achievement, Mr. PayDay himself, Austin Green, received engineering credits on Buju Banton’s Grammy award winning album, “Before the Dawn”.

Now more recently, Austin and his team of Kris David and Emron, have taken Producer of the Year award at the Music Industry Achievers Awards, beating out fierce competition such as Di Genius, Keep Left, Head Concussion and Seanizzle. A feat PayDay assures they didn’t reach alone, “We’d like to thank all of PayDay fans and supporters, the ZJs, Djs, and soundpeople. Sharon Burke, Bounty Killa, Mavado,” and Austin adds in, “especially the PayDay team, Kris, Emron, Young African, as well as Buju, Ang (Alliance Next Generation), MIAA Awards, and the fraternity pan a whole”

Commenting more on the award, Austin states, “It’s a great feeling. Now PayDay may not be as big as some of the other labels in Jamaica, but it’s growing fast and honestly, PayDay‘s reach might be bigger globally than locally.”

A point well proven earlier this year with the widely popular Mavado/J Diggz hit, “Love Me Daily”. Just this summer, PayDay stepped out and took lead, by releasing an all female driven Bedroom Riddim. Gaining popularity and excitement daily, the ladies of Bedroom Riddim along with PayDay producers have been conducting interviews from Kingston to England.

At present PayDay is hard at work with their 1st label artist, Sahie; as well as preparing for 2 video releases, Raine Seville‘s “Showdown” and the Bedroom Riddim Medley.

Follow PayDay as they continue to journey on a mission of music:

Twitter – @PayDayMusic
Facebook – PayDay Music Productions
Website –

Austin Green and Raine Seville at MIAA Awards

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