Camperdown High School Student Rants On Alleged Gay Teacher

Watch video of a Camperdown High School student ranting on an alleged gay teacher.

Update: Video was remove from facebook heres a youtube vid.

  1. What aggravates me the most… to the point of violence is that the guy who filmed did it with his phone upright… YIKES. Have you ever heard of landscape mode?

  2. I did not find this post funny at all. It shows how the youth in Jamaica have lost respect for the teachers in Jamaica. If this student is the future of Jamaica I am very worried. Not

  3. I have no words! None! Any day my son ever ever ever ever ever ever ever think bout trying to speak to any adult any where like this – is di last day he breathes on this earth!

  4. Well d amount a we e would a haffi deal with he wouldn't even dream it! What bothers me more is that MANY persons condone it, to include adults. We are totally lost, memba me tell u! Kmrt!

  5. he should be counselled immediately, he must have seen or experienced something grossly inappropriate to cause him to be this angry. Adults should protect kids… omg

  6. His allegations needs to be queried by the necessary authorities, however, its sad that society has deteriorated that these behaviors are being displayed by someone his age. I'm a Camperdownian and I'm deeply ashamed, he needs to be remove from the institution as he is a threat to the well being of the other students. His mannerism speaks alot about him.

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