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Alliance affiliated deejays, Stacy “Stacious” Scarlett and Bridgett “Bridgez” Roache are denying reports of a fight that took place at the Bedroom Riddim video shoot recently.

Rumors sparked earlier last week regarding an alleged physical altercation involving Stacious, a member of Mavado’s Gully Squad and Bridgez, the first lady of the Alliance Next Generation. Reportedly, the argument was so intense, that other artistes had to separate the two from allegedly doing each other serious harm.

However, Stacious has strongly denied that has any personal issues with Bridgez; telling the media, “There is no beef between us, we just had an argument and back to the regular, we are good.” Bridgez, who joined officially the ANG late last year, intimated that her long-time friendship with Stacious won’t be undone by one argument. “We are a part of a family and people will have disagreements, I’ve known Stacious for years before music, but once 10 women inna one house yu ago have disagreements,” Bridgez said.

The “Han Up Deh,” singjay vehemently denied that she received scratches in the incident whilst suggesting that people have been making a big deal out of the matter in light of recent speculation regarding the co-existence of the “Gulliance.” “Right now everything good, even the Gully and Alliance conflict resolved, suh people fi low wi. I don’t follow up negativity and what Stacious and I had not even lasted five minutes,” Bridgez implied.

The incident happened whilst the deejays were shooting the highly anticipated “Bedroom Riddim Medley” video that’s set to be unveiled soon. The Payday Music Group produced Riddim, released last month, features a slew of prominent female acts including Natalie Storm, Ishawna, Kym Hamilton & Timberlee, who’s the director of the video.

Bridgez is known for singles such as “On Fire” & “Roll Out,” featuring Bounty Killer while Stacious is recognized for songs such as “Goodaz Clap,” & the internationally acclaimed “Come Into My Room,” alongside Mavado.


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