Bridgez Beretta Shoots Video For ‘Know You Baby’ in Taboo Night Club

Bridgez Beretta Nude Black Tape Know You Baby

Dancehall artiste Bridgez Beretta shot a video for her controversial new single, ‘Know You Baby’ on the Chase Mills Records label at the Taboo Gentlemen’s Club in New Kingston. She posted pictures of her racy outfit, her naked body decked out in electrical tape to hide the juiciest tidbits, and social media exploded with lewd comments and rave reviews.

“People love the look, they said that I am on “fleek” and a bagga tings about my electrical tape costume. The video shoot itself was a lot of fun, my director Rodney Iznaga did the electrical tape work and it looked fabulous, I got the idea to do it from watching the ‘Black Tape Project’ on youtube; it took three hours to do the costume and my dancers had a similar look as well. I worked a pole for the first time, I have been studying the movements of go go dancers over the last couple of weeks and I did an OK job, I kinda surprised myself,” she said, laughing.

The video is directed by Cuban-born video director Rodney Iznaga owner of @CrystalStudiosRoys. The Japanese dancers, Suttobi Rikkin and Kiss also made appearances in the video.

“Taboo was the best place to do the video because the controversy in an infamous line in the song surrounds a tabooed subject in Jamaica. I want to big up Corey Todd, Morgan and Ojay and the staff at Taboo for how well they treated me. This experience gave me a whole new respect for strippers, it is not an easy task working a pole but I did the best I could.”

The concept of the video surrounds a hard-working stripper that is sending herself to school by stripping, and who meets and falls in love with a client who she “wants to get to know better”. MDTV shot behind-the-scenes footage of the video.

“I know that the fans are going to love the look of the video and the concept. The song itself is doing well, big ups to Gary G, Roderick Howell, Dalton Leith, Digital Chris and ZJ Ice and Dymond who are giving me a real strength on the radio. Big up Boom Boom and Fire Ras from Stone Love who ah play it in the streets. When the song played on Uptown Mondays the other day, a man actually came and proposed to me, the feedback is great,” she said.

The song hit the #10 spot on the Beat FM charts in the UK over the weekend.

Bridgez can be contacted on Instagram at @BridgeZBeretta

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