It was a frightening experience for young Dancehall artiste Bramma, driving into his Duhaney Park home one night after leaving the studio and was pounced upon by a lone gunman; thinking quickly he sped off from his gate, turned onto a road close enough to his home to confront a waiting car with what appears to be more men. Upon making an alarm, the car sped off and the matter was reported to the police but it did not end there. Several nights thereafter, it has been brought to his attention that an intruder has been spotted waiting in his yard as well as his next door neighbor’s.

Not taking any chances and considering the tragic circumstances under which both Oniel (former member of the group Voice Mail that lived in Duhaney Park) and young Copper Cat lost their lives; Bramma has taken the necessary precaution. But it was his frustration with the whole ordeal that lead him to pen his story and later record and release a track called, ‘Nuh Trust People’ on the Peppa riddim produced by Steven McGregor (click to listen ) Already Irie FM DJs Smurf and Wayne have found favour with the song giving it some good spins during their radio time slots. At this point Bramma does not know if this particular song is one written to further extend his popularity but rather to make known his ordeal he said, “Bad mind active, you don’t have to do nothing for people to hate on you and they will hate you to the point where they kill you so one have to know what they do in these time.”

Source: New Image Promotions

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