Bounty, Lexx War of Words

Dancehall artistes Mr Lexx and Bounty Killer were the centre of attention recently following their face-off on popular social networking website Twitter.

The two posted messages directed at each other with Mr Lexx claiming that Bounty Killer and Elephant Man are “poisoning the music” and that Killer is making efforts to minimise the playing of his music by disc jockeys. Some of the tweets by Mr Lexx included:

“As long as Bounty Killer an Elephant ina music it ago currupt cah a dem a di poison ina it #yeaisaidit”

“… Dem a tell di dj don”t play mi song dem … Nuh tink dem nah tell me back …”

“How u fi a tell di disc jockey weh fi play??? at least a sum idiat dj unuh cyah govern”

“Mi a do mi ting an nah watch nuh man an dem still a try tampa wid man tings … unuh tink a unuh alone ppl like?”

“U know how much time me get juggling wid both a dem song an mi neva tell a disc jock or selector say don”t play dem … Nope not never”

As for Bounty Killer, some of his tweets read:

“Somebody tell (Lexx) fi tek him tongue go sing song bout me n Ele tell ppl nuh play him song which song him have?”

“… Lex kno yu self mi bury yu career yu waah mi bury yu tongue now that”s all left out of yu career …”

Personal Battle

When THE WEEKENDSTAR spoke to Mr Lexx about the allegations against Killer, he said that the song that Killer was trying to stop is Clean on TJ Record”s Star A Star rhythm.

Lexx said, “Mi nah fight a personal battle, mi a fight a battle for a lot of artistes who not speaking out because they are afraid to do so. There are some people who have been in the business for a long time and now they refuse to believe and realise that it is not them but the young artistes who are running the place.”

He continued, “Who is them to decide who is hot and who is not? Some a dem a old man, dem fi guh rest inna old age home! Di ting change up now suh how dem still inna kas-kas wid di young artiste dem? He came at me when I was young and naive in the business, when mi jus a buss. Well now when him old and weak I”m coming for him. Karma is a hell of a thing. Isn”t it? Dem fi know seh anuh dem alone di people like. When dem do dem evil tings people ago tell mi back,” said Lexx.

When contacted, however, Bounty Killer said he was not interested in commenting much on the issue, as he saw it as “Lexxus jus a try mek somebody see him”.

“Di bwoy guh pon Twitter a seh Killer an Ele a tell selector nuh fi play him song an mi jus blast two time line and people been retweeting it. But dat wah him (Mr Lexx) a sey is ridiculous cause a which song him have? Him nuh have no hit song ya now an he’s not ma worse enemy,” said Bounty Killer.

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