Bounty Killer & Sizzla Deliver at Yush

It was a full house that turned up at the National Indoor Sports Centre in St Andrew on Thursday for Wray & Nephew Yush 90s Style. And they got their money’s worth, courtesy of top-shelf deejays Bounty Killer and Sizzla Kalonji.

The evening’s tone was set by DJ Audley, who got things off to great start with a mix of ‘90s tracks hits that had the patrons singing along. Rory Gilligan, of the immortal Stone Love fame, joined him as the evening progressed, and both resisted the temptation to drop any current hits into their sets.

With the audience sufficiently warmed up, Bounty Killer took the stage to massive applause. He gave the audience all they wanted, running through his large catalogue of hits. Upon the start of each song, he was met by the voices of patrons singing along in overpowering unison.

Cellular Phone, Eagle and the Hawk, Benz & Bimma, and Anytime were a few that comprised Bounty Killer’s set.

In-between his performance he offered the occasional social commentary. Never one to shy away from hot topics, he took time to acknowledge Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall’s move to Christianity, decrying her detractors and punctuating his support with his hit

Seek God And Not Devil.

It was the same for Sizzla Kolonji when he hit the stage. Another icon of the 90s dancehall, he also had a huge stable of fan favourites to draw on, all given added energy by his over-the-top stage antics. Like Bounty Killer, he could barely get the first bars of each song out of his mouth before it was instantly recognised. In pure karaoke fashion, the patrons also sang along.


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