Bounty calls for 'musical' peace… urges Mavado, Kartel to make public declaration

Having gone through his own lyrical battles with arch-rival Beenie Man Alliance general Bounty Killer said he would once again love to see both Vybz Kartel and Mavado publicly clear the air about their difference.

The deejay, born Rodney Price, admitted to be concerned over the violent reports that have been surfacing in the media which, he believes, stems from supporters of the ‘Gaza’/’Gully’ feud who are determined to prove their loyalties.

While not solely blaming Vybz Kartel and Mavado who are the respective leaders of the cliques, Bounty Killer is convinced that a public discussion involving the two artistes would be a welcome sign of change.

lyrical battle

Previously Mavado and Vybz Kartel participated in a similar forum with an aim to assure fans that the feud was only a lyrical one. However, after their lyrical battle at Sting 2008 in Jamworld, St Catherine, the feud has become more intense.

Recently, both Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel have been at each other’s throat lyrically. The public is now anticipating a potential clash at this year’s Sting.

It has also momentarily sidelined the Gully/Gaza saga, but Bounty Killer believes there are too many youths involved in the affair, which sometimes poses a damaging effect.

“Nuff yutes under di influence of Gully and Gaza now. Mi a di man whe a tell people say a Gully but if yuh say Gaza we nuh have nuh problem wid yuh. Say your Gully or say your Gaza but a mi run di plaza,” he said.

“Me need unnuh (media) fi tek Mavado and Kartel and discuss dat. It nuh affi be two a dem di same time, but dem fi do some public forum and mek di people dem si say a nuh nuten serious, ’cause a nuh PNP or JLP again,” Bounty Killer said.

negative effects

He also added that the public is to blame partially for the negative effects and warned, “We now (as artistes) have to mek dem di people know say, when yuh a use dem sumten here, don’t mek it seem like a we inside a do it. Cause dem (the public) a use it and mek it look like a Gully and Gaza a tell dem fi do it.”

He continued,

“Gully and Gaza a nuh di problem, is just two words. If people did love dem one another it wouldn’t divide dem. Gully or Gaza thing a gwan in Africa but there is no war. Di same ting a gwan a Trinidad and New York but nobody nah war. Suh it’s di people who have a lot of difference in dem and them glad fi get a Gully or a Gaza to use it. Like it’s Gully or Gaza a do it, but from longtime a suh we stay?”

he said, in reference to dancehall clashes.

Bounty Killer closed by saying he and fellow Alliance members don’t despise Gaza supporters, and was adamant that it’s Vybz Kartel and his Portmore Empire who were the ones with a grudge.

“A nuff Gaza fans me have. Yuh know how much people deh a Gaza and still follow Bounty, but a Gaza dem say. But it nuh mean dat dem nuh rate Killer. Suh true dem say Gaza me fi hate dem? No. But Kartel nah endorse dat. Kartel a endorse him difference. Right now a Waterford, any man whe say Alliance or Gully dem inna trouble. Di Gaza people dem a dat dem do, yuh never go anywhere and hear say Gully or Alliance man dem wah fight, yuh always hear a Gaza man dem,”

he said.

Source: JamaicaStar


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