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Why the constant negativity and attacks against each other in the reggae industry????? This is not a one man band, actually it’s a chorus. A chorus is a symphony of different sounding voices…some basses, some tenors, some altos, and that’s’ how we produce beautiful music. Now the reggae fraternity needs to examine itself and realize that we need to be a team, one compiled of different ideas, different sounding lyrics, from different sides of the track but recognize that when we come together we are a force to be reckoned with. Reggae has sprung from a little island in the Caribbean and has gradually spread across the world from continent to continent. If that does not scream the power of reggae music, then what does?!! Let’s not forget the legacy of the greatest…Robert Nesta Marley. Let us never forget his lessons through music about love, about unity, let us take what he so untimely left us and build on it, hence letting go of the ‘crabs in a barrel’ syndrome. Let’s stop pulling each other down and instead lift each other up. As the legendary Barrington Levy pleads for in his song “Vice Versa Love”, let’s take Reggae music to a higher heights ’cause there is plenty to go around.

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