GangAstarZ – The Medley commenced by Rseenal Echoing his message to the people of world to “DREAM BIG” let the power of your mind manifest your visions into reality, self actualize & never let the “Dream-killers” obstruct you from your goals.. followed by Arofat’s “HEART CRY” a cry of redemption for the suffering of all the less fortunate people of this world. The medley then transitioned into showing Mr Glamarus making claim of the riches & blessings from JAH & the Universe with his powerful a word sounds of “RICH NOW” followed up by The Great Naptali reverberating Repatriation to “Mama Africa” with a heart felt tune “MAMA AFRICA” the land of the Blacks making mention to Jamaica’s first National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey reiterating his sentiment of black redemption & repatriation to Africa that embodies his universal message of One Jah! One Aim! One Destiny!! to bring the GangAstarZ Blood Riddim Medley video to a beautiful close…

This GangAstarZ Music Video was shot on location in Jamaica & Edited by GmG Visual Labs: Alique Archer & Sadike Johnston

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