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Kingston, Jamaica –– If anyone has ever considered aiming a hammer at a woman, or anyone for that matter, they might reconsider it after seeing the scenario played out in Andrew and Wada Blood’s newly-released video, Di Hammer.

Blood Brothers

The video which was shot over the weekend, shortly after the duo returned from the San Antonio Reggae Fest, Texas, also last week, depicts a what a loving relationship vs. an abusive one should look like. The video which begins with a statement from the duo, “It’s every man’s responsibility to love and protect all women. We strongly condemn violence against women”, goes on to portray an actor who coincidentally bears a striking resemblance to dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer, who allegedly struck his female companion with a hammer recently.

“This song was a track we did a long time ago, and we recently changed some of the words. It is not about anyone in particular, but we want to say abuse is never a situation people should take lightly. As men and women we always have people who will make us angry, but you have to know when enough is enough and walk away either from the situation until you calm down or from the relationship completely. Abuse is not something we condone, and with a recent incident there were a lot of jokes about abuse and how it was done. So we did the video and when some people saw it, even on youtube, that’s when it really hit home to some fans about how serious any kind of abuse can be. As the song says, no one want that done to people dem love,” said the duo.

In addition, Andrew and Wada Blood’s recent track, Irie, continues to climb the charts in the USA and Europe while receiving heavy rotation on famed television stations and websites. “Irie is a hit here, but people can’t imagine how big it is abroad. When people overseas hear it, it just gives them this crazy vibe to juss jump and throw dem hands in the air and juss dance. So we want to say bless up to the fans for the support and to look out for our album that we will be dropping in a short while,” said Wada Blood.


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