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Kingston, Jamaica — Since returning from their California tour earlier this month, the Blood Brothers, Andrew and Wada Blood haven’t missed a beat and have continued to promote their new singles Irie and Find A Way.

“So far the singles have been going great both here and abroad, especially Irie. So far we’re happy with the support we have been getting from the media and fans with the track,” said Wada Blood.

andrew-wada-bloodIn addition, the Reggae/Dancehall duo known for their hits, Hustle Till The Day That I Die, Hustla For Life (La La La) and more, has been heating things up on the Irie Fm cross-island road shows. On Wednesday the Blood Brothers and the other premier artistes on the tour namely, Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley, Cecile, I-Octane and more, made their way to Portland and St. Mary and gave fans a stellar performance.

“The show mad. We got a lot of love from the people there and the other places we’ve stopped to perform since being on the tour. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to go into these areas, so we embraced the tour as a way to getting into some of these places and getting to know the fans and having the fans interact with us and enjoy our music,” said Andrew Blood.

Andrew and Wada will also be shooting a video for Irie next Wednesday. “We want the video to carry the same message as the song. We came up with a great concept; so fans can look out for that video coming oon,” said Wada.

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions

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