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Kingston, Jamaica: Andre Folkes better known as Blaze has been spotted recently, more often than not, with model-cum-actress-cum-singer Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey on his arm. These many sightings have created quite a stir in the entertainment community about the two as a couple.

Blaze and Sky

Since their collaboration on the soon to be released single ‘Whine’ the two have been spotted together, at the launch of Sting 2010, at the studio, at the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association’s (JARIA) members lyme ‘Hail & Resoning’ and doing promotion in the streets. The two make quite a formidable work team. They also did a photo shoot together in which the photos are to be released with the single for promotional purposes. The big question is; Are the two involved? Further to that what more are we to expect from them professionally? Well one thing is for certain we will be seeing a lot more of the two together in the coming months.

Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey is an internationally known Pulse supermodel who made her acting debut as Kimala in the all Jamaican on screen hit Better Mus’ Come. In a bid to explore her musical talent, Sky is working hard in the studio and doing collaborations with other young artiste such as Blaze.

Blaze did his first professional recorded single and video ‘Player Being played’ in 2006 upon graduating from Excelsior High School and has never looked back since. He recorded ‘Bubble & Wine’ in 2007 and ‘You Can Make It’ for Yard life Entertainment which was released in 2008 and received good airplay on local radio stations. In 2009 he recorded his biggest single to date “Wah sleep” inspired by true stories of life on the streets. The song got very good reception from radio and selectors on the dancehall scene and the video went all the way to number one on CVM’s E-strip Hit list. Andrew ‘Blaze’ Folkes took a short break and is ready to hit the streets hard, with a whole new image styled by Tony Krash, new material and renued energies to BLAZE the dancehall.

Nicole Sky Grey and Blaze hanging out at Jaria hail and reasoning last week at Stonelove HQ

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Ms. Get it Right
Ms. Get it Right
9 years ago

cute couple!