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After four years of working together, Shane-O and his former friend and road manager Iceman have made a bitter split.

Now, the deejay’s latest Heart Nuh Clean song is being considered by several industry insiders as making reference to Iceman.

In the song Shane-O sings, ‘Jus lef yuh headback careless and yuh wi see/ Lef yuh food careless an yuh wi see/ Dem heart nuh, dem heart nuh, dem heart nuh clean/ Out a experience mi have nuff tings fi seh/ Dem nuh memba weh dem a come from or weh dem did deh/ An a we mek some bwoy know how airport stay/ Tru nuh money nah mek mi notice from wah day/ Dem wi stoop dung fi money, lay dung fi money.’

When contacted, Shane-O said sections of the song were indeed aimed at Iceman and went on to explain the split to THESTAR.

“We a do wi ting for four years now. Dem time deh nobody neva did business wid him, nobody neva did a deal wid him. When visa a gi out dem neva waan gi him nuh visa, a me affi stick out mi foot an seh if him nah get none mi nah get none neither,” said Shane-O.

‘Visa Obsession’

He continued, “If mi work and get a money, mi gi him sumting out of it. Every hundred mi mek mi gi him sumting out of it. But hear wah happen now. We seh wi ago buy a car suh him sell him Hiace bus and mi tell him fi save $150, 000 out a it. Same time mi get some Claro show and get a nice money, when di time come now fi buy di vehicle him nuh have a dollar. Nuh money him nuh have lef!”

That was one of the main reasons why bad blood began to brew between the two, according to Shane-O, highlighting Iceman’s ‘visa obsession’ was another reason for the falling-out.

Shane-O says since the split, his career has seen improvement as a number of investors have shown interest in working with him.

“Big up yuhself youth, but just leave mi name alone cause wi dawg dem hungry and mi pickney dem fi guh school,” he said.

When contacted, Iceman was reluctant to comment much on the issue.

He told THESTAR, “A Macka Diamond ting mi a deal wid yah now and it a work. A over three months now mi nuh call Shane-O phone, a him a call my phone. Too Much Bull and Cowfoot hot inna di streets. Tell Shane-O fi jus low mi man an do him music.”

Source: jamaica-star

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