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Birdman has always been the one to say some questionable things, but now he may cashed a check his mouth can’t cash or at least says he did?

During a recent interview with Big Boy Radio, Birdman was asked many things including his superbowl bet, the invention of the word bling, and future investments for the mogul.

However, all of this was overshadowed when Birdman was asked what was the highest amount of money you have ever received in one check?

Birdman responded saying that a couple of months ago he received a check for a coll $100,000,000 dollars!

The trash talking didn’t stop there, as Birdman also spoke on the Jay-Z “Baby Money” line from Hov’s latest single with Kanye “H.A.M.”

“I ain’t tripping we spending Baby money, I don’t know how he feels but I don’t have a problem.”

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