'Big Break' From Dating for New Mom Christina Milian

Talk about a tumultuous year. Christina Milian became a mom — daughter Violet was born in February — and a divorcee within a few months’ time, as her marriage to singer-songwriter-producer The-Dream (Terius Nash) officially ended. The album she was about ready to launch, titled ‘Elope’ — as in their romantic Las Vegas wedding — is now back to work-in-progress status.

Christina Milian

“It was called ‘Elope,’ but I’m going to have to change it. That was my life in 2009. I have a new attitude now. I’m a whole new girl — a new woman,” she tells PopEater. “I’ll probably use a little bit of my material from before, because I still do love some of the songs. Some got leaked onto the Internet. But a good majority will be different.”

Milian sounds happy and strong as we speak. Maybe it has something to do with the fact she likes talking about her ABC Family movie ‘Christmas Cupid,’ airing Dec. 12. More likely, it has to do with the fact that Violet is sitting on her lap cooing part of the time. Motherhood seems to agree with her.

“She comes with me everywhere, ever since she was born,” Milian declares. “She was on the set every day while we were making the movie. She was actually pretty incredible. My mom came with me, and my assistant and friend, Lauren, and they’d take care of Violet when I would go do scenes. I was breast feeding her between shots, during lunch and after work. Everybody loved having her around. She’s the happiest baby. If I don’t bring her to a meeting, people are like, ‘Where’s Violet?’

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