Beenie still says Gaza

However, in past interviews Beenie was quick to shoot down rumours of a simmering feud between the two deejays.

“It is more a correction than a counteraction. Mi do ‘awoah’ inna couple songs and him send out a BB (BlackBerry message) to the world about it and most people feel that it was about Liquid, but Liquid is not a real deejay, him is a zeejay, so ah me him ah talk under style, but no man caan style me, me ah the King styler dem believe say mi ready fi turn over mi crown, dem never expect me woulda de yah so strong, but mi have news fi dem,” he said.

Beenie Man

Surprisingly, Beenie Man still supports the Gaza.

“Even though mi have a problem with Kartel, I still say Gaza because I rate talent. I don’t know him as a person, mi nah stop sey Gaza because mi and him inna one little ting. What him waan do wid fi him life, ah just fi him ting dat, every man have a right to decide fi him own destiny. From mi rate yu, mi rate yu,” said Beenie Man.

The ‘New’ Beenie

Nevertheless, Beenie is still focused on his music career, as he is not quite ready to relinquish his crown just yet.

After a string of number-one hits earlier this year such as I’m OK and his Rum and Red Bull collaboration with Fambo, the dancehall king is once again hoping for another run of success with his latest set of releases.

This success, he says, will be achieved because of the ‘new’ Beenie Man, which he is about to unveil to the world.

In a release sent to THE STAR, Beenie Man said, “This is a new Beenie, people did a wait fi see the next old Beenie Man. But dem (fans) never give up pon me, and it is a different reception anywhere mi go, South America, Tanzania and Africa. It’s like I had never been there before, it is like a new Beenie Man.”

The ‘new’ Beenie Man has upcoming performances in Grenada on Christmas Eve, and in Antigua this week as well.

The deejay performed in Guyana last week to a huge audience in the National Stadium. The day after that, he performed at Club Zen in Trinidad which was also filled to capacity.

“All three levels of Club Zen in Trinidad sell out, and the promoter in Guyana say that was the biggest show fi a while. It was a big turnout, hours after the show done, mi stay inna my hotel, which was close to the venue, and see people still a leave inna traffic. Based on the pre-show sales, the promoter had to change the venue to the National Stadium so it was almost 20,000 people,” he said.

He said that the current surge in his popularity is as a direct result of the popularity of the recent singles, Out and Clean, Nuh Stress Me Out, Pretty Kitty, and his Beenie Man and Friends rhythm.

Source: jamaica-star

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