Beenie Plans GrandChild's Future

Dancehall artiste Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis says he will be playing an active role in the life of his first grandchild who was born in Florida last Sunday.

When THE STAR spoke with Beenie Man yesterday, he said that his daughter Desha Gaye, 17, gave birth to a healthy girl who weighed five pounds seven ounces despite having being born premature at seven months.

Desha Gaye stirred up controversy moths ago when it was reported that she was expecting her first child. Rumours circulated around the pregnancy. Desha Gaye has been living in Florida with a relative.

Shocked and dismayed

According to the previous report, initially, Beenie Man was shocked and dismayed to discover that his teenage daughter was pregnant. Nonetheless, the artiste says that he is happy with the birth of his first grandchild.

Beenie plans to continue playing an active role in his daughter’s life and plans to be there for his granddaughter 150 per cent.

Beenie said, “I always play an active role in my daughter’s life; until she come of age, I will continue to play that role so that baby is like mine … . Mi neva deh deh (when the baby was born), everybody know seh mi never really waan see my 17-year-old daughter pregnant, she have her baby shower and feel the pressure and dem haffi rush her to the hospital to have her baby.”

Daughter Destiny

Desha Gaye wants to name her daughter Destiny but Beenie doesn’t like the name and plans to have her change it. As for his granddaughter’s last name, Beenie said it will be Davis. “She’s my daughter and mi nuh know di father; until him come forward or someone for him come forward, it’s gonna be Davis. When Desha see me, she will tell me who the father be,” he said. “I plan to send for her, Desha live in my house in Florida, she driving my car, she going college, so when her term done, I will send for her.”

Source: JamaicaStar


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