Beenie 'Corrects' Kartel – Records Song Directed at Gaza Deejay

The song has been getting plenty of listenership on the video sharing website, Youtube and has been attracting numerous comments from listeners. In the song, Beenie Man sings, “change mi skin colour that me naw do … you see the freak thing, that me nah do …”.

In another line, he sings, “a fight over style weh mi grandma mek/Oh awoww!, yuh no hear nothing yet/before Clarks a beat, man a wear Gator crep,”.

However, Beenie Man’s manager, ‘Blue’, told THE STAR in a telephone interview yesterday that the song is not a diss song as many are making it out to be, but it is actually “a correction” to an earlier song which Vybz Kartel did on the same rhythm. “It’s not really a disrespect and him no diss Kartel, ano disrespect,” Blue explained.

He said Beenie is simply trying to defend the honour of dancehall music and protect it and its pioneers as he merely disagreed with some of the things Kartel said in his song in regards to the ‘styles’ he claims he created.

In Vybz Kartel’s song, ‘Dancehall Hero’, Kartel apparently refers to himself as the ‘big man’ in dancehall whom every other artiste wants to emulate as he is the trend-setter. In that song, Kartel says, “the whole a dem a watch the teach” and says “every style me mek dem want one … call up me name just fi get a forward,”. In another line Kartel deejays, “me no memba no dj bwoy, dem si down pon me name like back pocket rag … Vybz Kartel mek the whole a dem a mad,”.

Contacted yesterday, Vybz Kartel seemed unconcerned about Beenie’s new song. “Heard about it, never heard it, not interested,” he said.

Asked if he had a brewing feud with Beenie Man he replied, “the only thing I have brewing is Street Vybz rum at the factory”.

Source: jamaica-star

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