Beasley Explains Why Smack/URL Won’t Pay Lux $40k

Summer Madness 3 is fast approaching and it seems as though many battlers aren’t happy with the way business is being run on Smack/URL. Cortez recently posted a blog addressing his personal issues with Smack/URL’s business relationships with battlers, and how he thinks things can be remedied by adding more solid communication and financial benefits for the battlers. DNA took a separate approach and actually recorded himself in the studio spitting a full battle verse airing out the entire Summer Madness 3 roster. Swave Sevah expressed that he was at first a little shaky about the card even though he featured on it, however he does strongly believe that everyone on the card “is hungry” to put on a great show due to the level of criticism that the card has received.

Loaded Lux released a music video titled “Bout My Money,” where he actually addressed some of his own personal business dealings with Smack/URL dating back to the league’s beginnings when he battled the likes of Young Miles, among others. In the song he also touched briefly on why he isn’t on Summer Madness 3 vs Hollow Da Don. As a result, VladTV brought Loaded Lux back to our offices for a third interview with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes.

We previously released a clip from VladTV’s exclusive interview with Beasley, which was conducted by Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, where Beasley defended the “bars over names” Summer Madness 3 card and spoke on the battle between Swave Sevah and Daylyt. This time around, Beasley explained to Michael in great detail the financial figures it would require to actually set up a battle of such magnitude between Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don.

While it’s a known fact that Lux requested $40,000 to battle Hollow, he also proposed pay-per-view U-Streaming to bring in extra revenue. Even though the pay-per-view idea is good and is an effective form of generating revenue as KOTD does it for many of their big events, Beasley explained why this could backfire on him and his staff after they’ve shelled out so much money on Lux alone. He also explained the side costs that it takes to book venues, production costs, and the cost that it would take to book other battlers if he, Smack, and Chico did decide to pay Lux the $40K.

Be sure to attend Summer Madness 3 at Stage 48 to find out how the entire event turns out!

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