Beanie Sigel & Freeway Air Out Grievances W/ Roc-A-Fella On G-Unit Radio

Beanie Sigel

All’s still not well at the Roc.

Last month, South Philly rapper Beanie Siegel talked about the lack of support Roc-A-Fella artists are getting from the label on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show. Yet this time Beans seems to be blaming Jay-Z for the breakdown.

In a recent sit down with G-Unit DJ, Whoo Kid’s Sirius Satellite show, Beans alluded to a rift with the hip-hop mogul.

“It’s like everybody got their homie, that dude in their squad that’s a rotten mother@#*$er but that’s your man, so you cover up his faults,” Beans said. “I’m a loyal dude. And its not me pointing a finger at certain individuals or anything, see I’m a loyal dude man, [but] not your boys, that sh-t’s crazy.”

Beans said his last album, The Solution, which came out in December, has gotten no support from the label. About his marketing, promotion, touring, radio play “…man I don’t know what the @#*$’s going on.”

And according to Beans, label mate Freeway is getting the shaft, too.

“Def Jam sucks!” Whoo Kid proclaimed on the air, after telling beans it’s “Camel hunting season.”

Beans said he’s going to make a personal trip to Def Jam next week to see what the deal is.

“Somebody gon’ answer me something,” he said. “I’m not confused about what’s going on, I’m confused about why it’s going on.”

Freeway’s feeling just as out of the loop. The State Property rapper also chopped it up with Whoo Kid about his grievances with the label.

When Jay-Z resigned as president of Def Jam, Free said Hov didn’t even hit him up with the news. Freeway got the memo the way most everybody else did.

“I heard its official, but I got it off the internet though,” Free said. Beans didn’t get a phone call either.

In the meantime, Beans is taking promotions into his own hands. He’s presently working on a mixtape called “True American Gangster.”

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