Bar-Raage Scholarship Winner Found

Kingston, Jamaica: – Lawless Events and Alca Entertainment have finally located the winner of the 2009 Bar-Raage Scholarship.

Kingston, Jamaica: – Lawless Events and Alca Entertainment have finally located the winner of the 2009 Bar-Raage Scholarship.

Portland born Nadine Thompson was the only shortlisted applicant able to satisfy a requirement of applying for the scholarship, which was to be present at the event Winter Bar-Raage on December 25, 2009. The 22 year old, despite being a Seventh Day Adventist was able to make it to the event from as early as 7pm, while some final elements were being added to the venue. She unfortunately had to leave the event early and was not present at the time when the names of the top ten applicants were being announced.

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Nadine Thompson is not only a teacher at the Interboreale Basic School located in St. Mary, but she is also a student at the Mico University College where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

“I feel excited to be awarded such a wonderful opportunity. It will help me to complete my studies at Mico, allowing me to continue to mould the minds of Jamaica’s young people.” Thompson expressed.

“Lawless Events is big on education and decided to embark on this scholarship to say to our patrons, that while we are thankful for their continued support, we would also like to encourage them to stay in school and further their education”, commented Marvin Lawrence C.E.O of Lawless Events.

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The scholarship attracted interest and support from the Star, the Student’s Loan Bureau and the NCB Foundation who contributed $50,000 towards the scholarship fund based on the amount of signatures on its “Be the Change” graffiti wall which was set up inside the event. A final figure of $150,000 will be transferred to the Mico University College at the beginning of the 2010/2011 academic year.

The Bar-Raage Scholarship is the first of its kind to be established by a group of party promoters, enabling one of their lucky patrons to further their tertiary education. Lawless Events and Alca Entertainment launched the Bar-Raage Scholarship on Wednesday October 14, 2009 and $100 from every ticket sold for the event Winter Bar-Raage (held on Christmas Day) went towards the scholarship fund.

Application forms for the scholarship were published in the Wednesday and Thursday Star for a number of weeks and interested candidates were invited to apply by filling out the application form and submit it with an accompanying essay “How has my life experience prepared me to build a better Jamaica?”

For further information, please contact Sherilla Gordon @ 880-5151 or email

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