Badman Don’t Do Dat! @Kevin2wokrayzee

You nuh see weh di title seh BAD MAN DONT DO DAT!
Read below for more things that you should not do as ‘Badman’ (not listed in order of importance)

1. DISS GOD (instead give the father the highest of praises)
2.Rape (instead love women and respect everyone of them, they are very special to this world.)
3. Kill Children and the Elderly (instead defend and protect them)
4. Thief. (instead work fi di tings you want)
5. Beat woman.(instead kill her wid hugs and kisses)
6. No tek boost up fi do negative things (instead be your own boss & mek positive moves)
7. Neglect dem children (instead provide fi them in any way you can no matter how small it is)

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