Kingston, Jamaica: The streets of kingston were abuzz this past week, as ‘Dancehall Badgyal’ again plans to increase international attention with her latest project, once again she teams up with director Dexter Pottinger, the project was managed and produced by Lyndsey McDonnough.

The Lime ambassador is very excited to reveal the finished product, which will be edited by RD Studios, under the helm of Ruption D’Boss. The shoot which features four tracks, two of which are being heavily promoted and is a stable in social playlist, one new track form her recently released album Jamaicanization (for Europe) a very upbeat track called ‘Upon The DanceFloor’. This track she hopes will be a favorite here too, “Their were many dancers on set with us, they and myself had fun when shooting this track if this a true indication of how Jamaica will respond, then I am eager to see it takes its place here.” The medley will also feature a new track, which was only released this week, one she is sure her fans will like as well.

“I am also very excited about the project, as it will also showcase my new stylings…… which will be crazy and I know my fans will love it, my stylist Alessandra Gold from Miami really pulled all the stops for this video, I am enjoying this new funky, unique and very fun Cecile she has envisioned and is bringing to life.”

The video was shot in Kingston, at Oniels Place on Hagley Park Road, a very seclusive and beautiful spot, “I didn’t know that such a beautiful location existed, but I saw the pics Dexter sent my assistant and we never looked back, the staff were wonderful on set and everyone had a blast, for they will see me one of this nights. Also I need to thank all the entertainment family, fans and dancers who came out, I felt the love and appreciate deeply the support, so now I’m more eager than ever to let the world see this video.”

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