Assassin Song NOT for Vybz Kartel

Having avoided a clash with Vybz Kartel in 2005, Assassin says his latest song, ‘Run Di Place’, is not in reference to the artiste and he still has no intentions of being in any lyrical confrontation with him.

In the song that was recorded on the weekend and released yesterday, Assassin uttered some lyrics that on the surface seemed to be directed at Vybz Kartel.

The song says: “How dem a gwaan like Assassin caan done the place/ Memba seh a wi have the fire tune dem weh a bun the place/ Oh? A mussi true mi nah bleach out mi face/ And true certain things you caan give mi fi taste/ Mi nah buy di chart dem/ Nah cheat the race/ Wi nah pick up no freaky ways/ Mi nah follow nuh bwoy mi a di boss fi miself/ Is like a big man deh school in a class to miself/ Dem all a seh mi mad so mek mi talk to miself/ But certain things mi nah do fi market miself/ Mi nah put out no freaky photographs wid miself/ The music haffi share, mi tek a part fi miself.”


However, Assassin said the song is not about any particular artiste. Instead, he said he is voicing his disapproval about many things that he believes are immoral.

“It nuh have nothing fi do wid Kartel. When since Kartel have the monopoly on bleaching?” he questioned.

Assassin said he spoke about bleaching in his song, Hype Up, years ago, but “all of a sudden yuh caan seh bleaching and a nuh Kartel yuh a talk.”

Even with his recent song Talk How Mi Feel, he said people thought the song was in reference to Vybz Kartel even though he spoke about many issues like Voicemail member Oneil Edwards’ death and fake friends, among other issues.

He added, “It’s incredible how everybody single out one little line. It a deal with so many things but people want to log on to one.”

Assassin explained that he has been faced with many questions from people asking why he did not clash with Vybz Kartel when the opportunity arose in the initial stages of his career. However, he said he would not entertain a clash with him.

No Boundaries

The deejay said that based on disrespectful statement made by Kartel in his lyrics it showed he had no boundaries. “I could not entertain any combat with a man like that,” Assassin told THE STAR, noting that his mother was ill at the time when the deejay made offensive reference to her.

“My legacy in music will not be tarnished by being in any squabble with a man like that, especially a man without boundaries.”

Instead, Assassin said he will be focusing on his career and on his journey to ‘run di place’.

“I have all the faculties weh woulda mek an artiste run di place,” he said, adding that he is a consistent artiste and a good performer.

Yet, he has not been able to get to the level he desires. However, Assassin says he refuses to use gimmicks and/or lose his values in order to be successful.

“I am not going to sell out my values. Wi bun dem, no man nuffi bleach. Wi bun dat straight from dem time deh til now,” he said.

So moving forward, “I will no longer be passive. I will no longer allow them to abuse me. I am going to be taking it to them. I have been abused in terms of the type of injustice weh reach mi. We a tek on the thing 100 per cent. Wi just out right now, run di place wi seh,” Assassin said.

Source: jamaica-star

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