Appleton May Daze – The Movie Screening

Sponsors, Media and Affiliates alike are all elated to be aligned with the May Daze Brand

Saturday, April 17, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): On Thursday April 15, 2010 the promoters from Good Company had the screening (Media Launch) for Appleton May Daze – The Movie. Club Privilege played host to the media launch which saw quite a few members of the local and international media coming out to bear first witness to what was in store for the patrons of one of Jamaica’s hottest event series.

Music was placed in the hands of turn table sensations like Dj Shine and Dj Karyzma who took the time to prove why they were among the selected few set to thrill the audiences who will be in attendance of Appleton May Daze – The Movie.

The sweet voice of Ms. Camille ‘Coco’ Sinclair rang through the venue has she was given the duty of hosting the launch, a task she executed with much ease and precision. Her task included briefing the attendees on what exactly should be expected of each of the 5 weeks that the event series will be hosted, to this she added her little style which was well received by those in attendance. Her vibrant demeanor was a suitable one to deliver the energy that has been packaged together under the name Appleton May Daze the Movie.

As apart of her delivery Coco shared the platform with sponsors of the series. Mr. Jared Samuels represented Appleton Jamaica Rum, he went on to express just how elated Appleton Jamaica was to be aligned with the May Daze brand and continued to explain just how beneficial it has been for them to be associated with Good Company on this entertainment campaign. Jamaica Producers Tropical Foods who this year are partnering with the group for the first time also expressed with delight the idea of working with the budding talent of Good Company.

The launch would not be complete without getting input from members of the entertainment team, they were represented by Master P from the Kingston AllStars team, Master P conveyed just how May Daze acted as a launching pad for the career of Kingston All Stars and vowed to continue to wow the crowd with the 2010 staging of the series.

The launch soon came to an end with the music of Dj Shine and Dj Karyzma pulsating through the speakers.

Good Company would like to say a special Thank you all the media houses and affiliates that supported the launch Appleton May Daze.

See pictures of the Media Launch:

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze

May Daze Media Launch

May Daze Media Launch

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