Appleton May Daze – Thank God It's 'Friday

Appleton May Daze got off to a start that seemed only like it was scripted for a movie. On Friday night (May 7th) well over 1200 patrons flocked the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road

Tuesday, May 11, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): Appleton May Daze got off to a start that seemed only like it was scripted for a movie. On Friday night (May 7th) well over 1200 patrons flocked the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road to witness what has been well publicized as the ‘Movie Event of the year’.

When the gates opened at 9:30pm, eager patrons already stood waiting in lines to enter the venue. With their signature ladies charge free admission before 11pm it was no surprise that the ratio of men to women at minutes to 11pm was in the region of 5 to 1, not that the men were complaining of course. As was expected with the female patrons that support Appleton May Daze they all came out looking trendy, some putting their added twist to the night’s theme which was ‘Ghetto Fabulosity’.

This being the first year that the event series is being hosted outside of New Kingston was a cause of concern for some patrons, questioning whether it was a right choice in terms of venue selection amongst other things. The first night was proof enough that Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre was indeed one of the few venues that could facilitate the phenomenon that Appleton May Daze has become. The entry was seamless and extremely hassle free especially for the VIP Access Card holders. The spacious venue facilitated a more spacious bar experience and the two dance floors allowed every ‘star’ their 15 minutes of fame. Staying true to the movie theme the Good Company Promotional Team had flat screens erected in and around the venue and a 70” Inch screen showcasing popular scenes from the Friday movie series produced by rapper/actor – Ice Cube.

Another promise kept by the promoters was to offer the best in entertainment locally, patrons danced the night away to the musical selections of resident Dj – Zj Ice and co-star – Dj Shine along with the Zj Johnny Kool and Razz & Biggy. Each of which provided a set that was energetic and embodied what Appleton May Daze was all about – fun, frolic and fantasy. Of mention was the alternative set done by Razz & Biggy which found its way into the hearts and feet of the patrons.

The 2-4-1 Appleton Drink specials had the bartenders busy for the night and always had the patrons with a drink in hand. What was interesting was seeing them balancing the drinks with a bag of St. Mary’s Chips which were being giving away by the Jamaica Producers team. The May Daze Minute has now surpassed basketball games with having the longest minute ever. For those patrons that missed it they must be kicking themselves to have missed the promoters giving away FREE APPLETON. In almost the same fashion as the scene from Coyote Ugly the bartenders stood on the bar counters and served Appleton Rum to the patrons free for what can be considered the longest minute. This signature effort by the Good Company Team will be a feature for the rest of the series.

With all that, it is amazing that patrons can come to expect more from the event series but that was only the beginning there are still four more weeks left and the vibe will only intensify with coming weeks, more Appleton will be flowing especially with the Appleton Mug Madness yet to come and the musical selections can only get more infectious with the line up of selectors in store for the coming weeks.

Next week (May 14th) is dubbed ‘Sex and the City’ and the ladies are going to love this one. The same style and fashion that has always been evident in the Sex and the City series will be bundled in a fun package which has become the norm for the May Daze themes. Come vibe to the musical selections of Zj Ice, Dj Shine, Zj Liquid & Dj Narity while enjoying 2 for 1 Appleton Drink Specials.

may daze week1

may daze week1

may daze week1

may daze week 1

may daze week 1

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