Appleton May Daze Now Boarding for Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

“Patrons will enjoy all the Brazilian elements that we will have which will include our Brazilian Foam Pit”.

Kingston, Jamaica, May 13, 2011: The promotional team from Good Company have promised to take party goers around the world in five nights of fun, frolic and fantasy with year’s staging of the event series Appleton May Daze, appropriately themed The World Tour.

May 6th saw the first stop being the Red Light District in Amsterdam. The night was filled with vibrant musical stints from Resident dj -Zj Ice, Zj Johnny Kool & DJ Rickoshay. Patrons partied and enjoyed Appleton Mixes two at a time as the two for one mixes proved to be a popular request at the bar. In keeping with the theme of the event Good Company successfully introduced ‘The Mile High Club Tease’. This treat was more of an eye candy for the male patrons in attendance who seemed at one point or the other to be caught up staring at a large screened red room with sexy ladies pulling off eye catching moves much to the delight of the males in attendance and the selectors one of whom exclaimed “no sah mi ago need one a dem girl deh”.

Today (May 13th) the tour continues as we leave port and head to Destination Brazil – Rio De Janeiro, a city known not only for its contribution to football culture worldwide but also because their party scene is amongst the most envied in the world. With scantily clad females, packed streets and a free spirited vibe, it’s a must visit for party goers worldwide.

It is this same vibe that Appleton May Daze will be bringing to the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, females are encouraged to come out in Shorts and Bikini tops, as an incentive they will be granted free entry before 11pm should they choose to follow the theme. Further as a ‘Frequent Flier Bonus’ the lady with the most creative Shorts & Bikini will get herself an enticing gift package courtesy of Good Company. The promotional team remain tight lipped about the elements of Brazil that they will be incorporating into the setup of the venue, one half of the management team – Dwayne Harris’ only comment was that “patrons will enjoy all the Brazilian elements that we will have which will include our Brazilian Foam Pit”, which he said with a slight grin.

As usual Appleton will be overflowing from cups as there will be specials on the rum throughout the night, there will be specialty mixes with Tru Juice which is the official mixer of the series.

The in flight entertainment will be provided by very capable ‘tour guides’ in the form of Zj Ice, Arif Cooper, Zj Chrome and Dj Narity.

In keeping with their promise to make quality entertainment affordable the promoters have made an allowance for a limited amount of persons to get personalized passports which will grant them VIP entry to the event series for the passport holder and a guest, secured VIP parking, Free Cocktails on entry, ‘in-flight’ snacks served by Tropical Foods and the passport will also allow the holder discounts from May Daze Affiliated stores. Passports are limited; if persons are interested in getting a personalized May Daze Passport they can send the email request to

Boarding for the second stage of Appleton May Daze World Tour starts at 9pm, don’t be apart of the unfortunate few to miss the flight.

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