The long awaited month of May is only one week away, and for some, that means nail biting exams, study groups and a number 2 pencil, but for party lovers, that means one thing and one thing only the long awaited Appleton May Daze party series.

The event that has in only four years become what is arguably the most creative and fun-filled party series in Jamaica, is back for its most daring theme yet, entitled “The World Tour”. With this theme promoters have promised to take patrons to five of the most sought after party spots around the world, by transforming the venue every Friday night to reflect the atmosphere and culture of Amsterdam, Rio de janeiro, Kingston, Hollywood and Dubai.

“We are gonna do it big” says Dwayne Harris, one-half of the promotional group GoodCompany, who have also pioneered some of Jamaica’s most creative events such as CookOut, Cotton Candy, Short Temper and others. “Last year we had to end prematurely due to the West Kingston events, so this year we have no choice but to make it up to our patrons” Harris says.

The West Kingston events Harris speaks about, affected many parties last year due to civil unrest that was caused by an incursion by armed forces into Tivoli Gardens to arrest and extradite then fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke, forcing the country to go into a state of emergency for several weeks, causing all forms of nightlife to seize until the SOE was lifted.

“It was very unfortunate, the patrons lost out on what was building to be a hot series and we (promoters) lost money, but hey that’s the kind of business we are in, this year I am confident that patrons will feel that we made up for last year’s loss and at the end of it all it would be so much fun, last year will totally be forgotten.” Harris says.

The event will be held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre for the second straight year and the admission is still JMD$800 at the gate. This year to add excitement to the world tour concept, patrons can purchase their very own personalised Appleton May Daze passport, which allows patrons to take one guest free each night, receive complimentary drinks on entry, VIP parking among other all access privileges for a one-time purchase of JMD$5000.

As always, big on giveaways, along with gift baskets and other prizes, promoters will be giving away US$100 each week to patrons who follow the weekly themes and US$200 to one lucky patron who attends all the parties in the series. Appleton Jamaica Rum mixes as always will be overflowing the cups of patrons each week along with Tru-Juice – the official mixer of Appleton May Daze, Kirov Vodka shots and JP Tropical food snacks for the first class cabin.

All-in-all the event is gearing up to be an event that should not be missed, and if the consistent execution patrons have become accustomed to expecting from the promoters over the last four years is anything to go by, then Appleton May Daze “The World Tour” should be the journey of a lifetime.

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