Kingston, Jamaica: Better known as BLAZE, young and upcoming dancehall artiste Andrew Folkes has re-emerged on the scene, coming out of a musical hibernation Blaze is once again ready to take on the world through dancehall. With new projects, upcoming shows, and his drive to make it in the music business, Andre Folkes is back and ‘A BLAZE ENUH’.

Andrew 'Blaze' Folkes

Hitting the ground running, Blaze has release a new and stellar track called ‘Bumpa Wine’, which promises to be the hot song in the dancehall going into 2011. He is also releasing collaborations done with dancehall young gun Shane-O and model cum actress cum singer Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey, who both have positive things to say about Blaze, his drive to be successful in dancehall and work ethics. Shane-O, known for hit tracks like ‘Thunda role’ collaborated with Blaze on ‘No Wah Dead’, which is essentially social commentary, on ghetto life. Sky better known for her international fashion campaigns as a Pulse model and for her role as Kimala in the October released Jamaican film Better Mus’ Come, collaborated with Blaze on ‘Whine’.

When asked about his upcoming projects Blaze responded “Mi would a like the fans them and the people just look out for Blaze in the streets, on you TV, I’m back to take over dancehall”. Blaze will be performing on the ongoing Claro Road Show (November), LIME & Supreme Promotions road to Sting shows (December), Mek Yu Mark at Excelsior High School (December), GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth (December) and the prolific STING 2010.

Blaze assures “Lots more things for Blaze in the pipeline video shoots, possible international collaborations among other things”. I going to be in the streets promoting, not only on the shows I’m performing but the people might buck me up in Half Way Tree or Downtown, you neva know.” You just always have to be on di look out for BLAZE”

Blaze did his first professional recorded single and video ‘Player Being played’ in 2006 upon graduating from Excelsior High School and has never looked back since. He recorded ‘Bubble & Wine’ in 2007 and ‘You Can Make It’ for Yard life Entertainment which was released in 2008 and received good airplay on local radio stations. In 2009 he recorded his biggest single to date “Wah sleep” inspired by true stories of life on the streets. The song got very good reception from radio and selectors on the dancehall scene and the video went all the way to number one on CVM’s E-strip Hit list. Andrew ‘Blaze’ Folkes took a short break and is ready to hit the streets hard, with a whole new image styled by Tony Krash, new material and renued energies to BLAZE the dancehall.

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